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Learn more about your customers

Learn more about your customers

It’s natural for you to want to know more about your customer base so that you are able to provide them with an even better service than before. The best way to do it is via customer surveys. Find out about a low-cost and effective way of providing surveys to your audience.

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If you want to stand out in front of your customers then you need to close the loop

Following on from my last post: What you think about your customers and how you serve them will define and drive what you receive from them, here’s another quote that I like to and from a topical source, given the upcoming US presidential elections. You may not know this but Ross Perot, a former US…

Mobile Working: The Facts

Have you ever wondered how much of the Mobile Working craze is simply hype? Or could it be that the climate of work is genuinely shifting to a more fluid, on-the-go style to reflect the technology that we use in our personal lives? The folks at iPass must have been wondering the same thing, because…

Sometimes great customer service only needs to be easy and familiar

We’ve all seen the news lately and heard of lots of large and small businesses closing down. No doubt, you’ve also seen the impact on your high street with both large and smaller, independent retailers shutting up shop. However, it’s important to realise that despite uncertainty in the economic environment, high levels of competition and…

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