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Before doing anything new, be guided by your customers

Take a look at the following article: Small Businesses Favor Tactics that Balance Customer Attraction, Retention. Have you taken a look? What is it suggesting? Are you doing all of the activities listed, some of them or only a few? How do you feel? Frustrated with another article telling you what you should be doing?…

Get people experienced in everything to do with SMEs!

Get people experienced in everything to do with SMEs!

Today saw the publication of a report by Lord Young entitled ‘Growing Your Business’- one of a series of pieces by ‘The Dude’ (still don’t know why he has that nickname) to help Small Businesses in the UK. I have a lot of time for Lord Young, I’ve met him, and discussed a few ideas…

WinWeb SME Performance Index Q2.11 for UK released

WinWeb has published a SME performance report for the second quarter of 2011 in form of an infographic. Just click to enlarge the graphic.

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